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Asteria Quilt

Asteria Quilt
Current Project 2020/21 (UFO #1)

UnFinished Object. We quilters have many in our care, these UFOs. I try to keep them to a minimum so when I go into my craft room, I have a few things to choose to continue.

This is called Asteria Quilt, and I found a class on

It gave me an excuse to buy a new tool. And what quilter doesn't love a new quilting tool.

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Cecilia's picture

Cecilia Art Quilt
Current Project 2020/21 (UFO #2)

I got an idea from watching a feature on an abandoned truck quilt I saw at the Pacifica International Quilt Festival.

This is a picture of Cecilia from when she was in daycare at the Nike campus about 10yrs ago. The caregivers captured her perfectly, in my opinion.

I put it in a photo program and ran a poster filter on it. I put a background I think I might like and stuck it on the wall to look at and get a feeling for it.

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Mz Fran's Quilt

Another UFO #3

I was watching The Midnight Quilter YouTube Channel and this quilt came on. The quilt was called Stained Glass Spectrum and can be viewed here.

This, of course, isn't the actual quilt from the show. I needed to grow it for the bed of the person who will be receiving this quilt when done.

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