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Asteria Quilt

Asteria Pattern

This Asteria Quilt I found a class on

I adjusted it by adding an extra 3" second border to increase the size from 106" square to 112" square. I create a designer rendition as a guide to help me stay on track.

Asteria Adjust

I put the pattern in the computer at the size indicated. From there I added the second borders so I could get a feel what the quilt would look like with three borders instead of the two with which is was designed.

I hope you can see the three borders that are going to make up the final. Although I'll see if I need to find different fabric, because I had to use part of the third boarder for more pieces I forgot to cut for one of the squares.

Asteria Fabric

Next, after the computer adjustment, I searched through my stash to see if I have enough fabric for the project. These colors seemed to be good, but I knew I would need more 'very dark' and 'very light' fabrics. Knowing each block interacts with each other to form the whole picture, I needed to make sure the blocks I substituted the 'very dark' and 'very light' created a cohesive design.

Asteria Plan

Using the included layout for the quilt, I was able to find the blocks that I could swap out the other fabric. For example, blocks 4 & 6 interact with each other to form a star with their respective adjacent blocks, but the corners of the 'star' block did not so I could use the other light light fabric. I was able to use this plan to see which blocks could get the other fabrics without detracting from the overall design. I noted the fabric adjustments on the respective block directions so I could keep track and not run out of fabric.

Asteria Cut

I had each block's cutting instructions marked up with what part of the block has the different darks and lights. Then I went to cutting all the pieces for each of the blocks. I'm not a big fan of cutting all the half square triangles and other pieces, but with the finite amount of fabric I was using, I needed to cut this in the most efficient way possible.

Goddess Tool

In the directions there is a template for what is called the Goddess Tool, but I bought the acrylic tool to make it easier. See how to use this tool here

Asteria pieces

What a stunning center! The designer also includes 'bonus quilts' that you can make from each block if you want to stop at one block. I might go back some day and do that, but right now, it's onward to the next block.

Asteria pieces

This block would go around the center 4 blocks. Now is where you can see the very dark fabrics are different. I put brown throughout hopefully tying the whole together when finished. We'll see.

Asteria pieces

Next came the star corners. This is where the very light fabrics are different, too. It's probably hard to see in the photo, but the corners are solid cream whereas the points are paisley cream.

Asteria pieces

This block, to fill in around the star blocks, show the paisley cream print very well.

Asteria pieces

This block has the dark brown very dark instead of the dark green. Not enough of either color. This will finish the star on the corners, which are out from the center.

Asteria pieces

This is where it sits currently. What will complete the edges is the completion of block 2. This is a taller block and meets the edge of the quilt in line with block 3.

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