Angela The Maker

About Me

I'm a homemaker, mother, wife, gardener, crafter

Growing up, my mom was a homemaker. The old fashioned kind who knew how to cook, sew, craft, and clean. Awesome enough to pass on many necessary skills to make me unique in current day.

I would sit and watch her sew for hours while she made me the usual 'play clothes' or nightgown. I eventually tried my hand at dressmaking. I would wait for a nice event and make a party dress for the occasion.

She would get into quilting about the time I was moving out on my own. I would dabble in quilting off and on for the next 30yrs. Until one year, when my aunt passed away, my quilting story started to really take off.

My aunt and my mom used to teach quilting in their local town. They each had a sizable stash and many patterns. They were always trying and teaching new things. After my aunt passed, my uncle gave my mom and me her stash. Now one would think that is pretty good in and of itself, but my half filled my SUV three times.

I would use her generous gift to pay forward quilt gifts using my thoughts and feelings to drive my direction.

This is what this blog is about. I hope you enjoy.